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Add Embroidery to your order


Having garments embroidered with a logo or message is a wonderful long lasting way of promoting your business, or saying you care about your business image and profile. Embroidered school uniforms add a sense of pride to the school and the child.

Our service is simple:  you chose the garments you need from our vast catalogue, supply us with your logo and we can either embroider or print it onto your order.

We are embroidery specialists using the latest digital machines and digitizing software to produce high quality embroidery designs.


Is it expensive?

In a word NO, the amount of customers that we see that say ‘I thought it would be more than that’ are too many to number. There is no set up fee, no matter how big or how many words, and no minimum order. A standard breast logo,

up to 5000 stitches, is only £2.50. We can decorate our garment or yours for that price!

For an exact price and quantity discounts Call for a quote!


In which format do I supply my design?

Any type of file including EPS, PNG, GIF, JPEG, PDF, etc..


Add printing to your order


T-shirt, hoodie printing and garment printing in general can be acheived by using several methods. At Complete Corporate we strive to acheive the best and most appropriate results for each order. Our preferred methods to do this are sublimation printing, vinyl printing or using the WoW method.



This method uses modern technology to produce stunning results. The sublimation process involves high temperatures and pressure allowing ink to penetrate the fabric for long lasting results

Key benefits;

– Exceptional quality and detail with unlimited colours

– Great value for small and large quantities.

– Ink lies within fabric and not a separate layer on top.

– Exceptional durability.



Vinyl printing is a quality alternative to screen printing. It is more commonly used for small quantities where screen printing is less viable. It is acheived by heat pressing sheets cut to appropriate shapes and layeredwhere additional colours are required.

Key benefits;

– Bold colours with sharp edges.


Wow printing

WoW printing enables complex full colour images, logos and photos onto a host of dark garments and


Key benefits.